Saturday, 23 November 2002

Bill Wyman sues Bill Wyman

San Francisco music critic Bill Wyman has won the legal case against former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman that allows him to continue to use his name without a disclaimer.

"In October, after 41 years of using his birth name without incident, the film and music editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution learned that his employer had received a cease-and-desist from the attorney for Bill Wyman, former bassist for the Rolling Stones.

Journalist Bill Wyman was asked to cease and desist being Bill Wyman, "if indeed, (his) given legal name is Bill Wyman (a fact which we would insist be reasonably demonstrated to us)," according to the letter the paper received from attorney Howard Siegel of New York."

The really funny thing? The Rolling Stone was born William George Perks and changed his name to Bill Wyman two years after the journalist was born.


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