Saturday, 13 September 2003

Disney truefans

Well here are a bunch of people who put me to shame: Disneyland truefans.

These guys visit Disneyland almost every day. And, yeah, they're a bit obsessive but this LA Weekly article is a little mean to them. I mean, Disneyland is awesome, after all.

"Benji is 20, a student at UCLA. He has messy brown hair and a serious mien. He wears a Mickey Mouse T-shirt and a jacket bearing the Disneyland logo; a kind of Donald Duck–bill mask hangs around his neck. His clothes are rumpled and askew; he looks like a distracted physics major with an unusual attachment to cartoon animals. At first, he's not particularly friendly. He offers me a limp handshake when we meet at the entrance and then walks quickly ahead, never slowing down if I want to look at something in detail. He doesn't look at me when he talks, and most of the time he doesn't talk. We just walk together, and I keep asking what he sees that I don't see. He asks no questions about the notes I'm taking or what I think of Disney, but I get the strong sense that he doesn't trust me. He doesn't want anything bad written about Disneyland."


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