Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Wigan vs Middlesbrough: Tale of the Tape

"After Saturday's loss to Blackburn, DJ Downing was letting off some steam on the wheels of steel at The Purple Onion, rounding off his set with a trademark 26-minute remix of Follow The Leader by Eric B & Rakim, when who should walk in accompanied by his 18-strong entourage, than Wigan Athletics' Jason Koumas.

"Oi Downing," Koumas shouted, "What the fuck is this shit? Get that bollocks off and let's have some Fedde Le Grand."

Over the PA, DJ Downing shouted back, "DJ Downing doesn't do requests, you West Brom fuck," leading one of Koumas' heavies to throw a vodka and orange at the DJ booth.

Thankfully, Downing's record collection was unharmed.

This one could get ugly."


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