Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Over The Bar

A new football satire site called OverTheBar has launched.

There's some pretty funny stuff about Sepp Blatter, but I think this story is my favourite so far...

"Tottenham’s Carling Cup hero Jonathan Woodgate has admitted that he was shocked by the post-match celebrations of some of his team mates.

Once the team had received the Cup, Robbie Keane poured an entire bottle of champagne over the head of coach Juande Ramos.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Woodgate admitted, “Most of us – Steed, Ledley, Dimitar and me - were just dancing around with scarves on our heads making the most of the moment.”

It was Woodgate who sealed victory for Spurs with an extra-time header, but he feels that the Spurs vice-captain may have gone too far.

“I looked over and Robbie was just pouring an entire bottle of champagne all over the gaffer. I really can’t believe what a waste that is. Does Robbie have any idea what champagne costs down in London? It’s a joke, really. I mean, you could buy a house in Middlesbrough for the same price."

Steve Pinhead-Nelson's stuff is top notch as well.


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