Sunday, 11 May 2008

Season review in The Observer

The Observer's online team still don't want to publish this stuff online, so here's a c+p from today's paper.

How was your season?
Plenty of dreadful football, an all-too-predictable FA Cup humiliation and a handful of decent performances; if we hadn’t had Mido’s belly, Southgate’s tank tops and Lee Dong Gook to keep us entertained, it would have been a very boring season.

Happy with the gaffer?
To be honest, Gareth’s a decent bloke and that’ll do for me, but it’d be easier to have complete faith in him if he stopped trying to assemble the league’s most overpriced and overweight side.

Who were the stars - and who flopped?
Downing and Wheater had impressive seasons. We’ll need more from our much-hyped stars of Youtube, Tuncay and Alves, next season.

Who were the best, and worst, away fans?
Considering our game was played on a snow-driven Sunday, the Man United fans turned up in good voice. Why the Geordie lot felt they needed to resort to hurling anti-Islamic abuse at Mido, I’ve no idea. Surely it would’ve been easier to taunt him for being fat and rubbish?

Top hate figure at another club?
If he’s still finding London house prices a bit steep, Jonathan Woodgate might want to consider supplementing his salary by running workshops on how to go from local hero to big-mouthed tool in three easy steps.

Top five best opposition players?
Dmitar Berbatov, Rio Ferdinand, Fernando Torres, Gareth Barry, Paul Scholes.

Who do you want to win the Champions League? Chelsea, United, not bothered

Fabio Capello - right choice, wrong choice, not bothered?
Right choice.

Game 39 - good idea, bad idea, not bothered?
Bad idea.

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