Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The best of The Wire

To mourn the conclusion of the greatest television programme ever, posters on the Guardian blog are ranking their top five moments from the show.

If there was ever a thread that made you realise how unbelievably fucking brilliant this show was, this is it.

The bloggers have pretty much listed every scene from the show's five-year run, but these are my personal stand-outs...

Season one - Kima gets shot. I was genuinely numbed by this scene. The aftermath with McNulty throwing up and Rawls at last showing some compassion towards the Homicide Department's biggest asshole was incredibly touching.

Season one - Wallace gets assassinated. That Bodie, by season four, had become one of the show's most sympathetic characters says everything about the standard of the writing.

Season two - Prop Joe says to Nick Sobotka, "Fool, if it wasn't for Sergei, you would and your cousin would be cadaverous motherfuckers."

Season three - Brother Mouzone and Omar square off in the alley. "At this distance? With this calibre? Even if I miss, I can't miss."

Season three - Rawls in the gay bar.

I could easily write a hundred more. One moment the Guardian bloggers have missed is a subtle one from the first season where Freamon says to Prez, "You, detective Pryzbylewski, have a natural flair for the paper trail." The look of pride on Prezbo's face...

I miss The Wire so much.


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