Friday, 30 January 2009

2009: The year of civil disorder in Britain?

Strikes have broken out across Britain and it feels to me like this might be the start of a larger civil disorder movement across the country. Depressions breed anger, resentment and racism, and the comments from some of the striking workers on the BBC news this morning sound like we could be close to something quite dangerous.

"Workers walked off the site at the Lindsey oil refinery on Wednesday after weeks of discontent over the contract to build the plant's HDS-3 de-sulphurisation unit. The plant's owners put the contract out to tender with five UK firms and two European contractors bidding for the work. It was awarded to the Italian company Irem on the basis that it was supplying its own permanent workforce and not using locally employed contractors."

What I don't understand is that - assuming the bids were won fair and square - with the GBP-EUR rate as it is, how a British firm would fail to win this tender. It's the British firms who put this unsuccessful tenders together who have harmed their British workers, not the Italians.


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