Sunday, 9 April 2006

Middlesbrough vs Newcastle preview in The Observer

The Observer still don't offer an linkage, so here's what I reckon'll happen later today.

"While Boro are still celebrating the phenomenal win over Basle and looking forward to an FA Cup Quarter Final replay with Charlton, Newcastle are waiting obediently like a straggly, starving hound next to their master’s dinner table for the FA’s managerial leftovers. All of which has left this the most muted build-up to a Tees-Tyne derby that I can remember.

With neither team in danger of getting relegated, the aim of both sides will be to secure North East top dog status, and a win will put us above Newcastle with a game in hand. While I’d understand our players being mentally and physically exhausted after Thursday, I still think we’ll have too much attacking firepower for Newcastle’s suspect defence."

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